Quality Pest Control of Fort Worth is one of the top bed bug exterminators in the area. There has recently been an increase in the bed bug problem in Forth Worth, Texas and surrounding areas. These pests are disgusting and no homeowner wants to have to deal with them.

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Bed bugs should not be ignored. They will come out to feed on you while you’re sleeping. Bed bugs pierce the skin to get to blood vessels to feed on. They will suck blood for a little while and then return to hiding. Bed bugs leave behind their saliva which can cause irritation and swelling.

Bed bugs hide in small crevices but you may also see or notice them on occasion. They especially like to hide in the seams of mattresses and generally only come out at night. You will be able to detect bed bugs from the swelling and bite marks they have inflicted. You may also find blood spots on your sheets. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, you should not sleep in your home until it has been treated.

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